35mm Brown Felt Pads For Floor Protector

  • Made of high quality felt with super strength adhesive
  • Suitable for all types of furniture, lamps, electrical items & figurines
  • Ideal for protecting your floors & other surfaces from scuff marks, damage & scratches


Materials: felt pad is made of polyester fiber materials, chemicals in accordance with the European Union children’s use requirements
Adhesive: the use of environmental hot melt adhesive, strong viscosity, not easy to fall off, chemicals in accordance with the European Union children’s use requirements.
Specifications: Can be customized according to customer requirements, using round or square.
Color: White, brown, beige, gray, black can be provided on request.
1. Need to clean tables and chairs foot before use. Guaranteed to stick more firmly;
2. To collect the goods should be kept in dry and cool place. Avoid absence made sticky mat;
3. This item belongs to the household items. Please don’t give children play;
4. After using for a long time, if appear aging damage phenomenon.Please change in time, ensure the normal use;
5. This product can not be reused. Can’t wash with water.


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