22mm Screw in PTFE Glides For Floor Protector

  • TeflonSliders products use PTFE and Thermoplastic.
  • Attached to chair legs & protects your floors from scratches & damage.
  • Also suitable for table & chair legs, sofas, chest of drawers & coffee tables.
  • Low friction gliders allow you to effortlessly move heavy furniture across the floor.


  • TeflonSliders products use PTFE and Thermoplastic, do not use the traditional rubber process, but the use of new injection molding process, compared with the traditional process to produce products, more in line with the modern green life, is conducive to product recycling, will not cause pollution to our environment.
  • Easy installation using included double sided adhesive tape. that all but eliminates friction and protects your floors on all kinds of surfaces.
  • Use on wood, vinyl, tile and even carpet,Protect your floors and make chores like painting, cleaning or redecorating a breeze.


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