Here are the classifications of furniture protection oil products :

  1. Furniture care cream: This type of product is mainly used for daily furniture maintenance. It can form a protective film to prevent scratches on the furniture surface. Common ingredients include mineral oil, wax, silicone oil, etc. Just apply directly to the furniture surface.
  2. Furniture polishing milk: These products contain natural or synthetic waxes to enhance the shine of furniture. Apply an appropriate amount of polishing milk to the furniture surface with a soft cloth. Polish again after drying.
  3. Furniture waterproofing protector: This type of product is mainly used to enhance the water resistance of wooden furniture and prevent deformation caused by moisture absorption. Common ingredients include polyurethane, acrylic resin, etc. Apply by spraying.
  4. Furniture repair putty: Suitable for filling scratches, dents, cracks and other defects on the furniture surface. Contains resins, paints, pigments and other ingredients that can match the original color of the furniture. Apply the putty to fill the defects and wait until dry.
  5. Furniture touch up paint pen: Used to touch up paint surfaces on scratched furniture. The pen tip stores paint in different colors for choosing a close match to the original furniture color. Convenient to use.
  6. Furniture wax products: These products apply a protective wax layer to the furniture surface, enhancing shine while providing water resistance and stain resistance. Main ingredients are natural beeswax, plant oils and silicone oils.

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