The purpose of furniture protection pads is to protect both the floor and the furniture from damage. In daily use, friction is generated when furniture legs come into contact with the ground, and this can easily scratch or wear down the surface of the floor over time, even causing deformation or damage. Additionally, moving furniture on the ground can also create noise and cause extra pressure on the floor. Protection pads can reduce these problems, extend the life of both the floor and the furniture, and keep the home environment looking tidy and neat.

In addition to protecting the floor, furniture protection pads can also protect the furniture itself. If furniture is placed on a damp floor, it may absorb moisture and begin to rot, deform, or develop mold. Also, rust on the bottom of furniture legs can pose a risk of damage to the furniture. Properly selecting and installing protective pads can prevent these problems from occurring, making the furniture more durable.

Therefore, furniture protection pads are essential for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the home and protecting the health of the furniture and floor. When purchasing furniture, priority should be given to buying corresponding protective pads and selecting appropriate ones based on the type of the floor, the material of the furniture, etc. Furthermore, regularly replacing protection pads is one of the important measures to ensure their good performance.

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