Release papers come in a diverse range of types, each with its own characteristics, applications, and intended uses. Here are some common types:

  1. PTFE release paper: Resistant to high temperatures, waterproof, and oil-resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 260°C, widely used in high-temperature processing environments.
  2. Silicone-coated release paper: Extremely flexible and anti-stick, suitable for protecting surfaces of various flat or curved objects during coating, and also as an isolation material when manufacturing plastic or rubber products.
  3. Coated paper release paper: Possessing good strength and tensile performance, can withstand large pulling forces and pressures, serving to separate and protect during the coating process.
  4. Plastic film release paper: Transparent and flexible, can be cut, folded, and pasted according to needs, widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging and other fields.

In addition, there are specialized release papers such as those used for electronic component production or composite material production.

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