The process of using a felt coating machine for coating pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive mainly includes the following steps:

  1. Coating material preparation: Select suitable pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive material for coating the felt, and load it into the coating machine.
  2. Pre-treatment: Perform pre-treatment on the felt, such as cleaning and drying.
  3. Coating: Feed the felt into the coating machine, and use rollers or nozzles to evenly coat the coating material on the surface of the felt. The coating machine needs to have heating function to ensure that the hot melt adhesive can be uniformly attached to the felt surface.
  4. Lamination: After the coating, send the coated felt and hot melt adhesive to another device for lamination to fully bond them.
  5. Cooling: The felt after lamination needs to be cooled and shaped for subsequent processing.
  6. Post-processing: Perform post-processing on the completed coated felt, such as cutting and winding.

Overall, the process of coating pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive is similar to general coating processes. However, it is important to maintain appropriate temperature and pressure during coating and lamination to ensure that the hot melt adhesive can fully bond with the felt.

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