1. Application scope: PTFE sliding pad has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and non-adhesion, and can be used in kitchen utensils such as non-stick pots and baking trays in home use environments. Its smooth surface will not easily scratch tabletops or floors. PE sliding pad has good impact resistance, wear resistance, and elasticity. It can be used on the bottom of furniture, appliances and other equipment in home use environments to reduce friction and protect floors.
  2. Sliding effect: The surface of PTFE sliding pad is extremely smooth, which can effectively reduce friction. Therefore, the sliding effect of PTFE sliding pad is better than that of PE sliding pad, and the coefficient of friction is also smaller. Although the surface of the PE sliding pad is also very smooth, under higher pressure, it is more prone to deformation, which affects its sliding effect.
  3. Price: The production cost of PTFE sliding pad is usually higher than that of PE sliding pad, so its price is correspondingly higher. On the other hand, the lower production cost of PE sliding pad means that its price is relatively lower.

In summary, both PTFE sliding pad and PE sliding pad have their own advantages and disadvantages in home use environments. The choice should be based on specific usage requirements and environmental factors. If you need to reduce friction and protect the floor from damage by non-stick pans, baking trays and other kitchen utensils, you can choose PTFE sliding pad. If you need to reduce friction and protect the floor under household equipment, you can choose PE sliding pad.

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