1. Furniture wax: Applied to the surface of wooden furniture, it can protect furniture from moisture, stains, and sun damage.
  2. Furniture oil: Used to nourish wooden furniture and prevent cracking and deformation.
  3. Furniture cleaner: Used to clean furniture and remove stains, but be careful not to use overly strong cleaners that could damage the furniture.
  4. Furniture care spray: Can protect furniture surfaces from stains and scratches.
  5. Furniture stickers: Can cover a layer of protective film on furniture to prevent scratches or wear to the furniture surface.
  6. Furniture pads: Can be placed at the bottom of furniture to prevent direct contact with the ground, avoid friction on furniture, and reduce noise.
  7. Furniture covers: Can wrap the entire piece of furniture to protect it from external environmental impacts such as dust and sunlight.

These furniture protection products can be selected according to different furniture materials and usage environments to protect the furniture appropriately.

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